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3ds Max 2023.2 released with new procedural array modifier

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Autodesk has announced the release of 3ds Max 2023.2. The headline feature is a new procedural array modifier that allows the user to distribute meshes using one of 4 distribution types: Grid mode is somewhat similar to the existing array tool and allows you to distribute objects in a uniform grid pattern on the X,Y, and/or Z axes; Radial mode distributes meshes in an arc with controls for the number of objects, the size of the radius, angles number of rows and more; Spline mode allows you to clone objects along a spline with many options including the ability to set a fixed object count, relative offset, fill spline, on knots and more; finally Surface mode allows you to distribute objects on vertices, edge centres, or face centres. There are many other options including randomising transforms, randomising material IDs, UV offset, and more.


In addition to the new modifier, there are several other improvements, including: 


To see a full list of what’s new, visit the online release notes or see an overview on the Autodesk Make Anything website

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