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Artstation responds to protests about AI

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Following a campaign by users protesting the inclusion of AI work on the platform and concerns about work being scraped to train AI, Artstation has issued a statement to clarify its position.


On the subject of banning work created by AIs, they state that their content guidelines do not “prohibit the use of AI in the process of artwork being posted”, and that “the works on your portfolio should be work that you created and we encourage you to be transparent in the process. Please only publish work that either you own or that you have permission to publish”. They further clarify that they “don’t want to become a gatekeeper with site terms that stifle AI research and commercialization when it respects artists’ choices and copyright law”.


On the subject of artwork being scraped for training AIs, Artstation asserts that it “does not make any agreements with companies allowing them to scrape content on our website. Any use of ArtStation content that is not consistent with [Artstation’s] terms of service may be an infringement on the rights of ArtStation users.” 


Of course, the rapid proliferation of AI is causing many companies to play catch-up and Artstation has confirmed that there are changes that need to be made. In future, they are proposing to allow users to add tags to choose to explicitly allow or disallow the use of their art for (1) training non-commercial AI research, and (2) training commercial AI. They will also be updating the ArtStation website’s Terms of Service to disallow the use of art by AI where the artist has chosen to disallow it although they don’t plan on adding either of the tags by default, in which case the use of the art by AI will be governed solely by copyright law rather than restrictions in their Terms of Service.


Read the full statement on the Artstation website. 

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