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Autodesk to raise price of multi-user subscriptions

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Autodesk is to raise the price of new multi-user subscriptions to its software next month.

The cost of multi-user subscriptions to individual products, including 3ds Max and Maya, will rise by “approximately 14%”, while multi-user subscriptions to software collections will rise by “approximately 33%”.

Pricing for single-user subscriptions remains unchanged.

Cost of new multi-user subscriptions to 3ds Max, Maya and the M&E Collection to rise in February 2020
According to US reseller Toolfarm, the cost of multi-user subscriptions will go up on 7 February 2020 for annual terms and on 15 February 2020 for multi-year terms.

Toolfarm doesn’t list the exact new prices for multi-user subscriptions, but suggests that the increases will apply to Maya, Mudbox, 3ds Max and Arnold, as well as the Media & Entertainment Collection.

French CG news site 3DVF, which operates an online store in partnership with Progiss, reports the same percentage increases, and gives exact prices for 3ds Max, Maya and the M&E Collection in Euros.

The price increases only affect multi-user subscriptions, which provide studios with floating network licences, not the individual-user subscriptions available in Autodesk’s own online store.

Toolfarm’s blog post refers specifically to new multi-user subscriptions, with manufacturing industry blogger Darren Young also suggesting that the cost of renewing an existing multi-user licence will be unaffected.

Young notes that the scale of the increases suggest that Autodesk is “slowly trying to eliminate network licenses” in favour of studios buying multiple single-user licences.

Read Toolfarm’s blog post on Autodesk’s price increases to multi-user subscriptions

Read 3DVF’s story on the new Euro pricing for multi-user subscriptions to 3ds Max and Maya
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