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D5 Render is now free to students and teachers

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Dimension 5 Techs has made all of the features of D5 Render, its hardware-accelerated ray tracing renderer, available free to students and teachers.

The new D5 Educational licence, available to students and educators at high schools, colleges and universities, has all of the features of the paid version of the software, but is not licensed for commercial use.

Access all of the features of D5 Pro for a year for educational use
First released in 2020, D5 Render is a fast, increasingly powerful architectural renderer with integration plugins for a range of DCC and CAD tools, including 3ds Max and Blender.

Although the community edition of the software is free for commercial use, it lacks some of the software’s newer features like the D5 Widget and access to D5 Works, its cloud-based asset library.

In contrast, the new one-year D5 Educational Licence has all of the features of D5 Pro, the $360/year commercial edition, along with active product support, but is only licensed for educational purposes.

It is available to students and teachers at any “accredited institution”, which includes high schools, colleges and universities teaching full-time courses in architecture, interior design or computer graphics.

Students can apply by contacting Dimension 5 Techs in groups of five, or via the head of their course.

Find out how to apply for a free D5 Educational licence of D5 Render

Read Dimension 5’s privacy policy
(The firm is based in China, and is governed by Chinese law)


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