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Download 1,200 new free 2K HDRIs from MattePaint | CGBucket

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Online matte painting reference image library MattePaint has released 1,200 new free HDRI skies.

The files – the lowest-resolution versions of MattePaint’s seven most recent commercial HDRI sequences – are provided in EXR format at 2,000 x 1,000px resolution, and are licensed for commercial use.

Over 1,200 panoramic HDRI skies covering a range of times of day and weather conditions
As with MattePaint’s previous set of over 2,600 free 2K sky images, the new files are derived from the site’s commercial library of HDRI skies.

Each of the seven timelapse sequences from which they are taken was shot over a period of several hours, beginning with the sun at 40 to 50-degree elevation, and ending with it below the horizon.

The resulting 360-degree HDRIs have a dynamic range of 41 EVs (Exposure Values), and are available at a range of resolutions up to 50K, with the free resources being the 2K versions.

The sequences comprise 150-200 individual HDRIs, and cover a range of weather conditions, from clear skies to heavy cloud.

Availability and system requirements
MattePaint’s free sky HDRIs are provided as 2,000 x 1,000px EXR files, along with LDR JPG versions for use as backplates. They are licensed for use in commercial projects.

Below, we’ve linked to a Google Drive folder containing all seven of the HDRI sequences, but if you’re having trouble accessing the files, you can also download each sequence individually from MattePaint’s website.

MattePaint’s high-resolution HDRI skies are available at up to 50,000px in width via paid subscriptions. At the time of writing, subscriptions cost between $19/month and $49/month.

Download MattePaint’s 1,200 new free 2K HDRIs from Google Drive

Visit the MattePaint website

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