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Download 22 free Megascans 3D trees for Unreal Engine | CGBucket

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Quixel has released a pack of 22 free 3D trees for Unreal Engine. The models – all European black alders – are available in Unreal Editor’s native .uasset format.

The scan-based assets, which come with LODs, and procedural controls to mimic season, health, and wind animation, are the first of Quixel’s new Megascans Trees asset type, currently in early access.


The first of a new line of 3D trees for the Megascans asset library
The asset pack is the first early access release for Megascans Trees: a new range of scan-based 3D trees in Megascans, Quixel’s online asset library.

They make use of the new season and health system in Quixel’s foliage shader, which makes it possible to mimic changes in the time of year and the health of the tree via simple slider controls.

The shader parameters can be adjusted on a global or per-instance basis.

The growth forms of the trees are not dynamically adjustable, but Quixel is providing individual models corresponding to different growth stages for a species, from seedlings to mature trees.

Each comes with a set of LODs suitable for anything ranging from real-time use to close ups, making them suitable for use in game development, architectural visualization or VFX.

22 free models of temperate broadleaved trees, with LODs and 8k texture maps
The Megascans Trees: European Black Alder collection consists of 3D models of the European black alder (Alnus glutinosa), a broad-leaved deciduous tree from temperate climates.

The pack comprises 22 individual models: 9 forest trees, 5 field trees, 6 saplings and 2 seedlings.

All come with LODs: four, in the case of the seedlings and saplings, with vertex counts ranging from 100 to 32,000, and seven in the case of the adult trees, with vertex counts from 1k to 640k.

The models are provided with 8k texture maps, controlled by Quixel’s foliage shader; and support wind animation, implemented both via Pivot Painter, and a simpler set-up for maximum performance.

System requirements
The Megascans Trees: European Black Alder asset pack is avaiable free in early access. The assets are licensed only for use with Unreal Engine.

The trees are provided as .uasset files, and are compatible with Unreal Engine 4.25-4.27.

Download the free Megascans Trees: European Black Alder asset pack via Unreal Engine Marketplace

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