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Download ActionVFX’s three free stock effects collections | CGBucket

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Stock practical effects site ActionVFX has released three new sets of free assets: 10 sci-fi and fantasy portal FX clips, 18 bullet tracer elements and 31 After Effects camera shake presets.

All of the assets are licenced for use in commercial projects.

Download free stock fantasy portal effects, bullet tracer clips and camera shake presets
The collection of portal effects comprises 10 different portals inspired by sci-fi and fantasy movies: all glowing, expanding rings, with a range of transition animations.

Each FX clip is provided in 10-bit ProRes 422 format at 30fps, with alpha mattes, making it easy to composite objects inside. They’re free to download at DCI 2K resolution; or you can buy 4K versions.

The bullet tracer collection comprises 18 bullet trail effects that can be composited into live footage to enhance shootout sequences.

They include a range of bullet trajectories and rates of fire, mimicking automatic and semi-automatic weapons. ActionVFX describes them as suitable for use with both real and sci-fi guns.

All of the files are pre-keyed, and provided in 12-bit ProRes 444 format at 29.97fps. Both the 2K and 4K versions are free to download.

Finally, the camera shake presets comprise 31 After Effects presets mimicking real-world camera shake, from normal hand tremor to the movement of vehicles, impacts and even earthquakes.

Separate presets cover normal, wide-angle and telephoto lenses and camera zoom.

Commercial collections cover all common types of stock effects
ActionVFX also has a range of commercial effects clips available to buy, including fire, explosions, dust, smoke, water, gunshots and blood splatters.

Download ActionVFX’s three new collections of stock effects clips and camera shake presets

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