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Download Cinema 4D painting add-on 4D Paint for free

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GameLogicDesign – aka developer Kent Barber, creator of the Plugins 4D range of tools – has made 4D Paint, his real-time Cinema 4D projection painting system, available to download for free.

The toolset streamlines the process of painting directly on 3D objects in the Cinema 4D viewport using stamps and stencils, and includes a range of utility features including texture remapping and SVG import.

A free projection painting system for Cinema 4D, with support for OctaneRender
Intended as a companion to Cinema 4D’s native painting toolset, 4D Paint enables users to paint directly onto 3D models on the Cinema 4D viewport using stamps and stencils.

It is also possible to project a photographic texture or vector image onto a model, then paint parts of the image down onto its surface.

Users of OctaneRender 3.06+ can see the results directly in the Octane Live Viewer.

The plugin also includes a range of utility features including SVG import and texture remapping.

This isn’t the first time that Barber has made 4D Paint available free, having tested a pay-what-you-want model in 2018, although he later reverted to conventional product sales based on user feedback.

This time round, the UDIM Importer and HDRI Texture Connections are not part of the free download, and remain available as part of the $299 4DPlugins Pro Bundle.

System requirements and availability
4D Paint is free for Cinema 4D R20+ on Windows and macOS. If you like it, support Kent Barber on Patreon.

Download the 4D Paint for Cinema 4D plugin for free

Read more about 4D Paint in the online documentation

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