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Download free Maya object scattering tool Ecotope | CGBucket

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Polygonflow has released Ecotope, a new object scattering tool for Maya created inside GraphN, its visual programming system for DCC applications.

Ecotope forms part of the GraphN Library, a set of readymade tools created with GraphN, which can be downloaded for free as part of the software’s trial edition.

Part of the GraphN Library of readymade tools created using the visual programming system
Released in public beta earlier this year, GraphN lets users create their own custom tools for DCC applications using a node-based visual programming system.

The initial public release is geared towards object scattering, but more general procedural modelling and physics capabilities are in development.

The software is currently available for Maya and Unreal Engine 5, with UE4, Blender and 3ds Max to come.

Scatter instanced objects like plants or rocks across surfaces in Maya
One of the readymade tools created in GraphN available with the software, Ecotope is described by Polygonflow as “the first in a long series of world building tools we’re creating with GraphN”.

The Maya tool scatters instanced objects like vegetation across surfaces in a scene, and comes with options for controlling distribution patterns, and automatically masking parts of the surface.

Other tools in the GraphN Library convert the custom intances it creates to native Maya instances, or export the instances to Unreal Engine 5.

Pricing and system requirements
Ecotope can be downloaded as part of the free 30-day trial of GraphN.

GraphN itself is compatible with Maya 2020+ and Unreal Engine 5 on Windows only. Linux support is planned. The software is currently in beta, with a 1.0 release due in “October-November” 2021.

GraphN is rental-only. Personal subscriptions, available to artists with revenues under $500,000/year, cost $8/month or $80/year. Single-seat Studio subscriptions cost $50/month or $500/year.

Download Ecotope as part of the free trial edition of GraphN

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