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Download free ZBrush brush organiser XMD ToolBox 3.0 | CGBucket

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Originally posted on 17 July 2017. Scroll down for news of the 3.0 release.

Environment artist and ZBrush custom brush creator Michael Dunnam has officially released XMD ToolBox, a new add-on for browsing and filtering ZBrush brushes, alphas and UI layouts.

As well as making it easier to locate individual assets, the plugin enables users to overcome ZBrush’s internal limit of 300 brushes, only loading brush sets on demand.

Search and filter your ZBrush brushes, alphas and UI layouts more efficiently
According to Dunnam, XMD ToolBox’s “number one purpose is to overcome the ZBrush brush limit”, making it possible to use more than 300 brushes within the software by loading and unloading brushes on demand.

The plugin is also intended to make the process of navigating large brush libraries quicker and more reliable, adding new search and filtering functions.

Brushes can be filtered by type, and alphas by bit depth and resolution; or you can assign custom tags. It is also possible to name UI layouts and to add descriptions to brushes or alphas from within the interface.

The ToolBox comes with a range of readymade colour schemes, and can be set to Mini mode to reduce screen space used.


Updated 26 May 2021: Michael Dunnam has released XMD ToolBox 2.0.

The update makes it possible to manage a wider range of ZBrush resources through the add-on, now including alphas, MatCaps, LightCaps, projects, tools, FiberMesh fibers and textures.

As with brushes, other assets can be assigned custom descriptions, and filtered by categories and tags.

In addition, the UI has been updated, performance improved, and macOS support added to the formerly Windows-only plugin.


Updated 18 November 2021: Michael Dunnam has released XMD ToolBox 3.0.

The update adds support for organising render presets, grids, spotlights and array meshes, and makes it possible to sync ToolBox’s UI colours with those of ZBrush itself.

With today’s release of ZBrush 2022, users can now launch the XMD ToolBox interface from inside ZBrush. The plugin is also back to being a free download, version 2.0 having been a paid product.

Pricing and availability
XMD ToolBox 3.0 is available for ZBrush 4R8+ on Windows and macOS. You can download it by registering for a free Basic subscription on Michael Dunnam’s XMD Source website.

Paid subscriptions are also available, and provide access to commercial brushes and alphas.

Read more about XMD ToolBox 3.0 on the XMD Source website

Read a full list of features in XMD ToolBox in the online documentation

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