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Download version 2.0 of Spin VFX’s free Nuke Gizmos

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Visual effects facility Spin VFX has released version 2.0 of Nuke Gizmos, its popular open-source collection of tools for Foundry’s compositing software.

The tools, all used in production at the studio, cover a range of common tasks, including camera projection, relighting, light wrapping, colour matching and spill correction.

A versatile collection of Nuke tools, used in production on hit TV series
Known for its work on shows like The Expanse, Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, Spin VFX first made its Nuke Gizmos available open-source in late 2018.

In his excellent Nuke resource Ben’s Comp Newsletter, Image Engine lead compositor Ben McEwan lists them as one of his most-downloaded tools of 2019, alongside open-source deep compositing toolset DeepC.

The toolset comprises 13 individual tools and gizmos intended to extend, or provided as an alternative to, Nuke’s native functionality.

Highlights include ReProject_3D, which does camera projection based on a render point position pass; and Relight_Simple, a simplified relighting node that requires only a normal map to get started.

Light wrap node Lightwrap_Exponential provides a “more physical response” than Nuke’s default, and Erode_Fine provides finer control than Nuke’s Erode filter when expanding mattes.

The collection also includes tools for matching black and white points between images, suppressing specific RGB or CMYK colours, or adding synthetic camera grain, glow or chromatic aberration to comps.

Version 2.0 of the Nuke Gizmos also features an updated version of Spill Correct, used to remove colour spill artefacts when keying bluescreen or greenscreen footage.

System requirements and availability
Spin VFX’s Nuke Gizmos are available for Nuke running on Windows, Linux and macOS under a GPL licence.

Read more about Spin VFX’s Nuke Gizmos 2.0 in the open-source tools’ GitHub repo

Download compiled binaries of SpinVFX’s Nuke gizmos

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