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Free tool: Arseniy Korablev releases Teya Conceptor 5.0

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Animator and tools developer Arseniy Korablev has released Teya Conceptor 5.0, the latest version of the 3D concept design and kitbashing software.

The update adds a new set of one-click procedural generators for automatically creating 3D buildings, forms resembling 3D plants and creatures, and 2D images suitable for use as custom brushes or alpha maps.

In addition, the base edition of the software is now available for free.

Create 3D concept art quickly and intuitively by sketching in 3D space
First released in 2016, and originally called PolyBrush, Teya Conceptor is intended to enable concept artists to create 3D geometry more quickly and intuitively than conventional sculpting packages.

Users can sketch out forms by creating strokes in 3D space, using brush presets designed to mimic organic or mechanical parts. The resulting geometry can then be modified using more conventional modelling tools.

Once complete, models can be remeshed and exported to other software in OBJ format. It is also possible to import OBJ files to use as the basis for custom brushes.

New in Teya Conceptor 5.0: generate 3D buildings, plants and ‘creatures’ automatically
To that, Teya Conceptor adds a new system of generators, enabling users to generate random 3D models with a single click, providing a quick way to generate forms that can be refined manually.

There are separate generators for buildings, plants and creatures, although the latter two really generate abstract organic forms: the creatures, in particular, are pretty stylised.

There is also a generator for 2D images that can be used as custom brushes or alphas in other DCC apps.

Base edition now free
In addition, the base edition of the software is now free.

(The trial version could previously be used for free indefinitely, but that required you to keep extending the trial period by using it for at least an hour every 14 days, so the new system is simpler.)

The free edition has no restrictions on the existing brush tool, but there is a delay when using the new generators, which increases each time the generators are used.

Pricing and availability
Teya Conceptor 5.0 is available for Windows and macOS. The base edition is free. The Pro edition costs $200 for a perpetual licence; rental costs $50/year.

Read more about Teya Conceptor on the product website

Read Arseniy Korablev’s online FAQs for Teya Conceptor


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