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Free tool: StackUp | CGBucket

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3ds Max plugin developer SiNi Software has released StackUp, a handy free MAXScript for stacking 3D models along splines.

The tool is intended for generating randomised variants of 3D buildings for architectural visualisation, but it works with any source models, so it also has potential applications for motion graphics or general 3D work.

Generate randomised 3D buildings by stacking modular components along guide splines
StackUp generates a random stack of 3D models along a spline or multiple splines, pulling the source models randomly from a set of user-designated directories.

It uses separate directories for the bottom, middle and top of the stack – making it possible to control the ground floor, middle floors and roof separately when generating a 3D building – and for the textures applied.

As well as the shape of the guide spline, users can set the dimensions of the models as they will appear in the stack, and can select presets including Modern Suburban Houses, Apartment Blocks and Retail Shops.

Although the script is geared towards generating 3D buildings, you can put any models you like in the source directories, making it possible to build a much wider range of assets from modular components.

System requirements and download instructions
StackUp is compatible with 3ds Max 2015+. You can find a list of renderers and third-party 3ds Max plugins that SiNi Software supports in its online documentation. It’s a free download.

To download it, you will need to register for a free account on the SiNi Software website, where it can be found in the SiNi Extra Files section of the Downloads section in your user dashboard.

Download StackUp, SiNi Software’s free building-generation script for 3ds Max
(Requires you to have registered for a free account on the website, and to be logged in)

Read more about StackUp in the online documentation

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