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Take your next 3D Modeling project to the next level with our secure 3D Freelancing Platfrom, enabling you to get the most out of your project with an easy to use interface that you can rely on

Find Freelance 3D Animation Services, Modeling Services, Texturing and Rigging Services and more…

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3D Freelance Service Categories

3D Animation Services

3D Animation, Motion Capture and Mesh Transformation Services​

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3D Generalist Services

General 3D Modeling with no specialty in particular

3D Generalist
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3D Modeling Services

Freelance 3D Modeling and Mesh Creation Services

3D Modeling
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3D Rigging Services

3D Skeleton and Control Rig creation and skin weight painting

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3D Special FX Services

3D special effects and simulations​

3D Special FX
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3D Texturing Services

3D Mesh painting and materials creation

3D Texturing
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How it works

Step 1

Find the services on the Marketplace

Browse the marketplace for services that fit your project requirements. Services work the same as products, but they have a few extra features to facilitate the work that goes with it…

Step 2

Work on the Project

Once you’ve found the perfect service, simply add it to your cart. We will hold the budget safely while you work on the project using the online 3D Project dashboard

Step 3

Complete the Project

You are in full control. Once you’ve completed projected, the seller will send you the files for delivery. You can review the files and accept/reject them. When the project is complete, you can release the funds to the designer

Are you a Freelance 3D Designer?

We are looking for talented people to join the Freelance 3D Modeling team. Sign up and add your first 3D Freelance Project today!

We will take care of all the administration for you, so you can focus on your art with complete peace of mind.

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