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Get Antoine Bagattini’s free Blender add-on BagaPie V8

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Originally posted on 2 August 2022. Scroll down for news of the BagaPie V8 update.

Architectural visualisation artist and tools developer Antoine Bagattini has updated BagaPie, his free scattering, object distribution and 3D modelling modifier for Blender.

The V7 update adds new procedural generators for fences, cables, tiles and metal sidings; integrates the add-on with Blender’s Asset Browser; and makes it possible to convert scattered instances to geometry.

The V8 update reworks BagaPie’s ivy generator, adding support for gravity, collision and the option to ‘project’ ivy onto surfaces, and adds the ability to create a custom UI panel for nodes.

A versatile Blender add-on for shot layout, architectural visualisation and motion graphics work
First released last year, BagaPie is a fast-evolving “all-in-one add-on” for Blender, particularly for set dressing, architectural visualisation and motion graphics work.

Its features include a real-time Boolean modelling system, and object instancing, array generation and scattering, with the option to distribute instances parametrically, or to paint them onto a surface.

Bagattini also now includes Ivy Generator, his… well, free ivy generator for Blender, as part of BagaPie.

The scattering tools work with any 3D models, but Bagattini also develops BagaPie Assets, a library of readymade environment assets like rocks and trees designed for use with BagaPie.


BagaPie V7: four new generators for architectural assets, plus integration with the Asset Browser
BagaPie V7 adds four new procedural generators for cables, fences, roof tiles and metal siding.

Like the existing generators for creating other common types of architectural assets, including walls, floors, windows, staircases and pipes, they are based on Blender’s Geometry Nodes system.

The update also makes it possible to customise BagaPie’s pie menu, and integrates the add-on with Blender’s Asset Browser, making it possible to store the assets generated and drag them into a new scene.

Users also get a new Apply Scatter option, which converts scattered objects from instances to 3D geometry.

In addition, Bagattini has released BagaPie Assets V3, adding over 110 assets to the library, for a total of 343.


Updated 23 September 2022: BagaPie V8 and BagaPie Assets V4 are now available.

BagaPie V8 reworks BagaPie’s ivy generator, adding support for gravity and collision between ivy and other scene objects, plus a new method for ‘projecting’ ivy onto geometry as if it were a texture.

In addition, users can now expose parts of a node network within the BagaPie Modifer’s UI panel, making it possible to adjust parameters from the interface as well as the node graph.

BagaPie Assets V4 adds 70 new assets to the library, mainly rocks and plants, plus 60 new vegetation biomes compatible with Scatter, BD3D’s Blender scattering tool.

System requirements
BagaPie V8 and BagaPie Assets V4 are compatible with Blender 3.0+. BagaPie is free. BagaPie Assets now has a MSRP of $85, up $15 from the previous release.

Download the BagaPie modifier for Blender free from Antoine Bagattini’s Gumroad store

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