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IKMAX lets you rig characters in ‘seconds, not minutes’

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Tools developer 3DtoAll has released IKMAX, a new plugin for 3ds Max – and soon Cinema 4D and Maya – that promises to let users create a full-body rig for a humanoid character “in seconds, not minutes”.

The plugin comes with one of the most direct marketing slogans we’ve seen: according to 3DtoAll, it lets artists “avoid the tedious s**t” associated with rigging.

Generate a Biped or CAT rig with automatic skinning in a few mouse clicks
IKMAX is 3DtoAll’s first foray into rigging tools, the firm’s previous plugins having been scene exporters for getting data from 3ds Max to other DCC applications.

It features a highly streamlined workflow, with users simply clicking on the character mesh to place joints, and the plugin automatically generating a rig and skinning the character.

The plugin also simplifies workflow for parenting props to body parts, and using the Skin Wrap modifier to enable clothing to move with the character.

There are simple options to adjust the rig and skinning, but in general, IKMAX seems geared more towards generating a basic rig very quickly than generating a highly sophisticated rig.

The plugin is capable of creating both Biped and CAT rigs, the latter with a user-customisable set of twist bones, but the demos only show humanoid characters, and it doesn’t seem to create a facial rig.

Pricing and availability
IKMAX is available for 3ds Max 2014+. The MSRP is $45, but at the time of posting, the plugin is available at a discount. Cinema 4D and Maya versions are planned, and are due to ship later this Fall.

Read more about IKMAX on 3DtoAll’s website

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