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Maxon releases Moves by Maxon 2023

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Maxon has released Moves by Maxon 2023, the latest version of its free iOS app for recording motion-capture data and capturing 3D scans for use within Cinema 4D, the firm’s 3D animation software.

The update adds the option to review captured face and body textures inside the app, and to pause and resume object capture sessions.

Capture facial or full-body mocap data on an iPhone or iPad for use in Cinema 4D
First released in 2020, Moves by Maxon is a free app for extracting facial and full-body motion capture data from video recorded on iOS devices, using the TrueDepth camera in recent iPhones and iPads.

The resulting animation data can be exported to Cinema 4D, although not directly to other DCC applications.

The app can also be used to generate photogrammetry-based 3D scans of small objects, transferring source images from the iOS device to Cinema 4D to generate a textured 3D model.

New in Moves by Maxon 2023
New features in Moves by Maxon 2023 – also referred to as Moves by Maxon 2.0 in the video above – include the option to review captured face and body textures in the app, in 2D and 3D.

Workflow improvements include the option to stop an object capture session then resume it again later.

Pricing and system requirements
Moves by Maxon 2023 is free, and is compatible with iPhones from the XR, XS and 11 series and up, and third-generation iPad Pros and above, running iOS 15.0 or iPadOS 15.0.

The object capture toolset is based on the Object Capture API in macOS 12 Monterey, so it only works on Macs, and requires Cinema 4D R25 SP1 or higher.

Download Maxon’s free Moves by Maxon motion-capture iOS app from the App Store

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