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Product Visualisation with 3ds Max

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Maya got a modelling creatures for film and max receives an import cad data.

I thought Autodesk had learned the lesson that Max users expect more than just archviz/product stuff.

never have son, for a long time…

It’s strange the workarounds one must do to not break a BREP that is converted into a mesh, let alone keep its edge visibility, for every single imported object. This is one of those plugins that Autodesk should just fully license or buy out from nPower since they are too busy with other projects.

It’s a bit depressing. The tutorial has 15 parts that are 8 minutes long on average. That’s roughly 2 hours total. 

2 hours to achieve this kind of mediocre result: https://youtu.be/ibJ-DSZRW-k?t=634 when you are already starting off with a finished model and textures. 

Even if I was a complete beginner, this would be demotivating. 😐

Autodesk, the 1990s called and want their tutorial videos back.

I don’t know what you mean. It’s a tutorial. Not a breakdown or a kind of a SpeedModeling-video. Each step is slowly explained and reproducible, so that the watching person can follow and learn something. The separation into multiple short clips is good to make a break and continiue later. I like this kind of tutorial.

It’s multiple long clips, actually 🙂

this is such a shit tutorial. real 2002 stuff
autodesk coming with out of date nonsense again. really poor attempt

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