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Quixel tools now available separately to Megascans data

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Quixel has overhauled its subscription policy for Megascans, its popular online library of physically based scans of real-world materials and 3D objects.

As well as introducing new pricing and new subscription tiers, the changes make it possible to subscribe purely to use Mixer and Bridge, Quixel’s helper tools.

New ArchViz subscriptions for studios with up to 20 staff
Quixel splits Megascans subscriptions into tiers, including Personal accounts, for individuals earning up to $100,000/year, and Business accounts, for companies earning up to $2,000,000/year.

In the middle, there is now a new ArchViz subscription, which provides content ‘curated’ for architectural visualisation. It places no restrictions on earnings, but is limited to studios with up to 20 employees.

Use Quixel Mixer and Bridge even when you aren’t downloading new scans
Personal subscriptions – which previously started at $29/month – also now get a new $19/month option, purely for access to Quixel’s helper tools.

Quixel Bridge converts scan data into the native formats of common game engines and DCC applications; Quixel Mixer blends and edits scanned materials to create new custom materials.

Both now work with data from external sources, not just Megascans; and, of course, many people will want to carry on using them with Megascans content they have previously downloaded.

While the $19/month option doesn’t let you choose any new scans to download, all Megascans subscribers now get a monthly ‘drop’ of free assets selected by Quixel.

In addition, subscribers of all types will now be able to use credits they have previously accrued to download scans, even if their subscription is currently inactive.

Pricing and availability
Quixel Megascans subscriptions are available in tiers, as discussed above. Within each tier, pricing also varies according to the number and resolution of the scans you want to download.

Personal subscriptions now start at $19/month for Mixer and Bridge alone; $29/month for the software plus 40 download points per month.

ArchViz and Business are both annual subscriptions, and start at $828/year and $4,788/year, respectively.

Read more about Quixel’s changes to its Megascans subscriptions policy on its blog

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