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RailClone 5 for 3ds Max released

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iToo Software has announced the release of RailClone 5, the latest version of its parametric modelling and layout tool for 3ds Max.


With version 5, several new features have been added that significantly improve RailClone’s potential for scene assembly. For example, until now, RailClone was limited to distributing geometry, but it is now equally able to instance and distribute several types of non-geometrical objects, including lights and VDBs. 


Scene optimisation gets a boost in this release with a brand new caching system that allows you to bake a RailClone object. The cached object retains all of the features and efficiency of the regular RailClone object but will have significantly reduced compute times making loading and saving much faster. A second mode allows you to save the cache to an external file that keeps a scene’s file size light. Users  can also load the caches into another RailClone object, even in a different scene, for the easy and fast re-use of massive pre-computed assets. 


The new version also adds new features for modelling including new banking controls that allow you to twist and corkscrew the geometry around the spline. The angle is controlled by adding and editing visual markers to the spline exactly where they’re needed. 


In addition to these new features, RailClone 5 also includes significant improvements to markers, the ability to lock evenly divisions to odd or even values, drop-down parameter lists, improvements to clipping splines, more flexible options for limiting by materials IDs and much more.


For a detailed overview, visit the RailClone 5 page on the iToo Software website. A full changelog of all the features, fixes and improvements can be found in the documentation

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