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Redshift gets new ‘Easy’ UI | CGBucket

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Maxon has released Redshift 3.0.51, the latest version of its GPU production renderer for DCC applications including 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Houdini and Maya.

The update introduces Redshift Easy, a new UI design with Basic and Advanced modes, intended to simplify workflow for new users, plus a new Scalar Ramp shader.

Blender users get support for OSL shaders, UDIM textures and Blender’s classic UV grid.

All uses: new Redshift Easy UI design and Scalar Ramp shader
The main change in Redshift 3.0.51 is Redshift Easy: a new interface design intended to simplify workflow.

New users get Basic mode, which presents only a simplified set of core render settings. Existing users can switch to Advanced mode to access the full range of settings.

In addition, the update adds a new Scalar Ramp shader. It functions like a standard colour ramp, but with only a single value, with suggested uses including remapping greyscale texture maps.


Blender: support for OSL shaders and UDIM textures
Redshift’s new Blender integration plugin also gets a sizeable update.

The 3.0.51 release adds support for OSL shaders, UDIM textures, Blender’s native Generated image – the “classic UV grid” – and the use of image sequences as textures.

The updates to the other plugins are primarily bugfixes. You can find a full list of changes here.

Pricing and system requirements
Redshift 3.0.51 is available for Windows 7+, Linux and macOS 11.3+. It costs $500 for a node-locked licence; $600 for a floating licence, although the software goes subscription-only later this month.

On Windows and Linux, it uses the CUDA and OptiX APIs, so you will need a compatible Nvidia GPU. On macOS, it uses the Metal API, and supports both AMD and Apple Silicon processors.

The renderer’s integration plugins are compatible with 3ds Max 2014+, Blender 2.83+, Cinema 4D R18+, Houdini 17.0+ (18.0+ on macOS), Katana 3.0v1+ and Maya 2014+ (2016.5+ on macOS).

See an overview of the new features in Redshift 3.0.51 on the software’s Trello board

Visit the Redshift product website

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