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Substance Alchemist 2020.3 released – CGPress

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Adobe has announced the release of Substance Alchemist 2020.3. New features include improvements to the Image to Material with AI filter with better roughness generation including the ability to add variation based on curvature. There’s also more control over delighting and a new atlas generation filter that can generate alpha channels. 


Other new tools include a new Colorise filter that allows the user to tint every part of a material’s colour, or just certain elements of it. A new warp filter is included that allows the user to to break patterns as well as many other uses alongside new Noise and weathering filters for adding wear and tear. 


Finally, a new Colour Variation filter can isolate colours for more precise colour correction. You can also use any of a material’s properties to drive colour including height, roughness, metallic, and so more.


Read a full list of what’s new on the Adobe blog.



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