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Unity ‘unveils’ Unity AI | CGBucket

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Unity has posted a teaser video for Unity AI, a mysterious initiative it describes as “building an open and unique AI ecosystem that will put AI-powered game-development tools in the hands of millions of creators”.

The video, which promoates a new beta program, seemingly for developers of third-party AI art tools for the Unity game engine, was released during Game Developers Conference 2023.

Promoting a new beta program, probably for developers of third-party AI tools
Generative AI art tools have been the flavour of the week, with Adobe announcing Firefly, its suite of online AI art tools, including a text-to-image generator, and Nvidia making several more announcements, including an upcoming text-to-3D model generator, developed in partnership with stock asset library Shutterstock.

Unity’s video is considerably more enigmatic, showing a user typing in plain text prompts like, ‘Give me a large scale terrain with a moody sky’ and ‘Add a dozen NPCs… make them flying alien mushrooms’.

Sadly, the video doesn’t actually show the large scale terrain or the flying alien mushrooms, so we have no idea in what form they would be generated inside the game engine – if, indeed, they are generated at all.

However, it may refer to a program for third-party developers, rather than something Unity is developing itself: according to Reuters, Unity “aims to open a marketplace for generative AI software”.

Register for the Unity AI beta program

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