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UVPackmaster 3 for Blender – CGPress

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Łukasz Czyż has released UVPackmaster 3 for Blender. The add-on promises a fully-featured UV packing engine for Blender that can run on a CPU as well as a CUDA-enabled GPU. Whenever
possible, it will iterate UV packing on the CPU and all GPUs in the system simultaneously, in order to minimize processing time as much as possible.


UVPackmaster 3 is a milestone that moves the tool towards more general UV applications. UVPackmaster is now not only an efficient UV packing solution – it also introduces an advanced UV aligning/stacking
algorithm and other auxiliary tools, simplifying UV workflow. 


In comparison to the previous version, UVPackmaster 3 is based on a new, Python-based scriptable architecture. It gives the user a possibility to code their own UV processing operation, adjusted to
their own workflow. Learn more on the project’s website.

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